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Inherited a sum of money, 92 Million after lawyer mentioned that all assets have been converted into cash as it is part of the will.

With this amount of money, How should I invest as it is my first time investing.

Should I just leave it to OCBC? As they are offering me private banking.

Or should I get an insurance agent and let him or her earn the commission?

Will it be okay if I one shot buy into one ETF / stock?

I'm not keen in buying and renting/ selling properties

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What are your thoughts?

Unlike many, anon does have a happy problem. Anyway, no mention how old are you or whether you have a family to support; so have to assume you are in your early 30s and will singly spend the S$92M yourself (no partner or children at the moment). Perhaps you could first set aside living expenses based on your current monthly expenses; multiply by 2 and factor in an annual 8% headline inflation till you reach 100 years old. Place this sum (round up to the nearest S$1M) first in short-term saving plans with guaranteed benefits as high as 4.5% pa. Update the sum as your family composition changes.

Rather than approach one banker or financial planner to help you with the balance funds, divide the monies into no less than six tranches or at most S$5M each. Don't rush to invest all tranches in one shot. You could spread the tranches over 10 years' horizon or more. Start with two tranches and approach two credible financial institutions/wealth management firms to plan out your investments. If you like the proposal, try out. Otherwise, move on. Add on another tranche only when you see surpassing results couple/few years later.

The banking and insurance sectors are very dynamic. The one who sold you the proposals, may not be serving you at your next visit. To make your fees worthy (which could be substantial based on the proposals made), you would expect the one serving you accountable for the projected investment returns.

Just my 2 cents.

With the inheritance of this BIG money, you could make some donations to proper charity.

If you are not a savvy investor, go to a bank, get a wealth manager to assist, and do a properly tailored wealth management portfolio to generate income for you. With 92 million, passive income is good enough for getting u financially free to do your loved things. DO NOT Put all eggs into a basket. Diversify . - ETF, Singapore Bonds.

You are a blessed person. Stay safe and don't get scammed.

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Set a % for emergency, % in savings, % in short to mid term capital guranteed plans, % in longer term dividend stocks / bonds like SGS.


Not sure why you are against getting property, but perhaps do research first. Not all are good properties, but if you can own a good Freehold landed (no need massive landed like GCB) - that is of longer term value. That can help u build up future capital, when u sell. Not many here can own a property without loans etc.


Go get comprehensive health and medical coverage too while you are healthy and eligible (else it can wipe out funds quickly too, not all treatments and drugs are subsidised / available in SG)


Maybe do some good with a small portion of your $ now that you can afford. Give and take, vice versus.


Keep safe and healthy! You are blessed.

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Singapore savings bonds

diversify ETF

bluechip stocks

alittle into cpf

Koh Jun Xian

Koh Jun Xian

6d ago

Financial Consultant at AIA

Have you engaged any professional regarding this concern you have? Otherwise, please don't hastily i...

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