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07 Jul 2021



In need of career guidance. Thinking of changing a job after working in the sales line for 5 years.

I've been in the insurance industry doing sales for 5 years and thinking about leaving to have a more stable career as I'm planning on starting a family soon. Is it possible to hop on to the operations department (e.g underwriter, claims..) with just only a diploma cert and insurance sales rep background? If not, what other jobs/position can I hop on to? Hope to get some help from this community. Thank you.

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Hello. The company I'm in is looking for someone to fill the role of account servicing. If you're keen to explore, let me know! ​​​


Fiona Chia

11 Jul 2021

Financial Services Consultant at AIA Singapore

You can consider roles within the insurer that you are working with, speak to the agency staff for more insights and/or reach out to the HR. It will be an easier transition than looking out of the industry/ company.

Thank you for posting this question & trust me, you're not alone! As a HR professional in the general insurance industry, I am happy to share some career guidance/advice to anyone who is contemplating the same :)

  1. If you are still passionate about the insurance industry (which I really hope you are because there's so much purpose in this industry although unfortunately there's still so much to work on the negative light cast on this industry), I'll always say that the first key to a successful switch from a commission based role to a more stable role is to complete the Certificate in General Insurance and/or Life Insurance certification. More details on the certs here: https://www.scicollege.org.sg/Exam/ExamRegistra...

  2. Yes agree with Sherwin - you can leverage on your transferable skills in insurance sales to transit into a Business Development/Distribution role within insurance/broking/FA firms etc

  3. Customer Service/Retention/Renewal roles in Insurance could be another likely transition path too

  4. Keep learning new skills (formally/informally on the job) to get to where you want to be eventually and below are some resources that might help further:

  5. https://www.ibf.org.sg/programmes/Pages/Future%...

  6. https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/skills-framewor... / https://www.ibf.org.sg/application/SFW/

The insurance/financial industry needs more local talent so I hope my two cents' worth goes a long way! Feel free to PM me on LinkedIn, happy to help & all the best!​​​

Right now, sg govt is offering sgunited traineeship programs for fresh grads and mid career professionals. No prior experience is required which is a plus, if youre doing a switch of Industry

Chin Guo Qiang

Chin Guo Qiang

11 Jul 2021

Assistant Vice President, IT EUC at OCBC

Can consider customer satisfaction and success roles, more of a PR one. If not, marketing will be fi...

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