facebookI’m a 23 year old male and recently got interested in investing. However, I have only made one investment so far in POSB’s Nikko AM STI ETF at $100 a month. Any advice on the next step? - Seedly



          08 Jun 2021

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          I’m a 23 year old male and recently got interested in investing. However, I have only made one investment so far in POSB’s Nikko AM STI ETF at $100 a month. Any advice on the next step?


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              What are your thoughts?

              Hello there, a lot of people will tell you to start reading up etc. that's a given. :)

              Let me share with you my personal experience, but this is by no means a formula or financial advise (im not affiliated with any financial institutions too).

              When i started to decide what to invest in, i first decided what is my risk profile.

              As an impatient guy, my risk profile is quite high, hence i dabbled into US stocks. US tech stocks have been going up so i was lucky to catch some part of it since i started a year ago. US stocks is probably one of the investment product with the highest risk (daily fluctuation of 1-5%).

              Understand that my investing journey will be 10-20 years, so i am more focused on building my capital now (because no money) - hence US stocks fits me best because it can provide a decent capital gain in a short period of time (can go both ways), and i can stomach the risk. Other products like ETFs, REITS etc, you can only see the return in 5-10years for the compounding interest to kick in.

              After putting in some money into the US stock market, i realize that i need to balance out my portfolio with lower risk investment products, hence i looked into funding society for p2p lending, and then a little bit in SG REITs to build my long team dividend portfolio. These are done using the capital gain from my US stocks, diverted into my smalll dividend porfolio (ie REITs).

              So to sum up:

              my first 2 years of investing:

              • US tech stocks for capital gain (super high risk)

              • balance risk of US tech stocks with p2p lending (medium risk)

              my hypothetical 2-5th year of investing (not there yet this is my 1st year only)

              • capital gain from tech stock slowly converted to SG Reits for future dividend portfolio (medium to low risk)

              my hypothetical 5th - 10 year of investing

              • slowly build up dividend portfolio and waiting for dividend to compound the returns (medium to low risk)

              • CPF should have some money (low risk)

              And the constant thing from start of investing:

              1) Read up, follow financial bloggers

              2) Save money

              3) Reduce expenses (sometimes it is harder to think of how to make extra S$200 a month, than to cut down on S$200 a month in expenses, both resulting in +S$200 in wealth)

              4) optimize on credit card rewards

              5) be insured

              6) always remember that this is a long game (10-20 years)

              At least that's the plan la hahah.




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                  Asheesh Chanda

                  Asheesh Chanda

                  22 Oct 2019

                  Level 8·Founder at Kristal.AI

                  As a first step, you should determine your risk profile though given at a young age your risk taking ability is likely higher, I would suggest evaluate a balanced Kristal like All Weather / All Rounder / Steady Growth based on your risk profile. Or just take any balanced portfolio of US Equities (SPY), EM Equities (VWO/EEM) and Gold (GLD) clubbed with Bond ETFs (try UCITS preferably LQDA or a BND, LQD)

                  Also do run the algorithm at kristal.AI (investments upto $50,000 are free) and see what that shows for your profile. Happy to help out if you need more info.



                      Arpita Mukherjee

                      Arpita Mukherjee

                      22 Oct 2019

                      Level 8·Community Evangelist at Kristal.AI

                      I'd suggest that you go for a robo-advisory platform to do the job of assessing your current financi...

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