facebookI have tried to get in touch on live chat, phone call and email to ask for refunds with Jetstar. I understand that I may not be able to get full refunds, what is my best course of action? - Seedly



03 Apr 2020


I have tried to get in touch on live chat, phone call and email to ask for refunds with Jetstar. I understand that I may not be able to get full refunds, what is my best course of action?

I wasn't able to get response on live chat and phone call? What should I do?

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I guess the key point is - are you entitled to the refunds per T&Cs?

If you are not entitled, don't waste more time. You won't get any more money.

If you are entitled and Jetstar isn't responding, sometimes, if you've already exhausted every other channel, maybe make a comment on their social media platforms and that gets them to reply quickly.


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