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05 May 2021

How to get the UOB One card annual fee waived?

Has anyone been successful in getting their UOB One card annual fees waived? How did you go about doing this? If they say no, how can you negotiate?


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    I had such a negative experience with UOB One card since last month.

    1. They charged me the annual fee and i called the automated service to waive

    2. A guy called back and said it was rejected. Mention he will appeal and they will update me again. Said it could be my spending is too low - not sure how, when i diligently spend at least $500 on this card every month and make full payment on time

    3. No one called back and i saw an interest charge in next month statement

    4. Called UOB, they said they'll appeal again and personally follow up on it.

    5. Called them 10 working days later to check, said it's rejected again and they will appeal again and there will be a sms that will be send to me. Mention that no sms ever came. Then she said she will personally follow up. If there's no reply, i should call them back.

    Imagine the frustration. Not sure if it's because of global situation, they are losing $$, so after dropping interest rate, they are refusing to waive annual fee now.

    I shall call them tomm to see if i can cancel all accounts i have with it. In any case, be warned. I hope you don't end up in the same situation as me. Not a bank that i will recommend to anyone.




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      Thomas Chua (SteadyCompounding.com)

      Thomas Chua (SteadyCompounding.com)

      08 Jun 2020

      Level 7ยทWriter at SteadyCompounding.com

      I called the hotline and they mentioned if you spend between 6k to 9k annually, they will likely waive it for you. Just need to give them a call.โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹




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        I jus make a call and spoke to the machine. Immediately they told me the fee waiver is approved. If ...

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