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How should I begin investing as an NSF?

Currently an NSF looking into investments after reading up on it. I want to maximise my current advantage of time and a high-risk appetite. I'm thinking of using RSS to venture into STI ETF, and robo-advisors such as Stashaway and Money Owl to get exposure to international markets. Is this a viable strategy? Will my low monthly contributions ($100 each hypothetically) hurt my profits significantly?

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Hey there. Im a NSF too and I've started investing since Polytechnic to generate more savings after realising that the bank interest is too low to counter inflation.

First of all to start off, have you opened a CDP account and a trading/broker account? This is required if you are buying stocks on the SGX. Else you just need a CDP if you are looking at SSB.

For myself i started with Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) as it is one of the lowest risks and has a decent return of around 2%. I put my "emergency funds" in this as it could be taken out within a month of notice. Another good thing about SSB is there is only a charge of $2 per transaction (buy/sell) and there is no penalty if you sell your bond (aka redeem the bonds) before 10 years. So its technically not 'locked-up'.

After SSB, i started to invest in some ETF. I used POSB Invest Saver to purchase NIKKO AM STI ETF every month ($150). Theres a promotion now which give 100% rebate on the sales charge for first 3 months. I feel that this is a good start for investing and comes with roughly a 3% dividend.

After reading more about stocks and trading i started a DBS VICKERS YOUNG INVESTOR ACCOUNT with DBS. I also created a DBS Multiplier Account which allowed me to trade using 'cash upfront' which lowers the sales charge as compared to other banks/brokers. For stocks i started with local blue chips stocks which are more stable. A few stocks you can research on is CAPITALAND, COMFORTDELGRO, DBS, OCBC, UOB, etc. I feel that these companies wont go bust anytime soon and thus wont need to be afraid of losing all the capital.

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Depends on how hard you want to work. Firstly, you have 7.5k in savings, and 5.5k left. I would just...

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