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07 Dec 2023


How old were you when you reached certain monthly salary milestones like 5/10/15/20/25K per month?

33 this year and I work in B2B sales (not B2C ones like insurance/property), I am grateful for my journey and always looking to do better to reach the next milestone.

It's tiring due to comparisons but I have learned to tone down over the years, though I am still jealous of other people at times.

1st job - ~2 years

2nd job - ~4.5 years

3rd job (current) - ~3 years

Based on Total package (including commission):

Started work - 24 y/o (1st job)

SGD $5K/month - 26 y/o (2nd job)

SGD $10K/month - 30/yo (3rd job)

SGD $15K/month - 31/yo (3rd job)

SGD $20K/month - Not there yet but I am close, 33/yo (3rd job)

SGD $25K/month - hopefully some day

Currently, I am trying to find a job that has a basic pay of at least SGD $20K/month - it's quite a tough ask but I'm sure the door would open someday.

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Lanjiao lol, earning 20k asking the median pay here less than 5k for advice. How we know

Sympathy for you, work harder to go $25k/month

Wow! just curious what kind of B2B sales are you doing?

Kent Toh

08 Dec 2023

Consultant at Sprinklr

Firstly, there could be financial milestones, career milestones, but I dont think there is necessarily 'salary milestones'. For some, reaching a $5K salary may not even be within their lifetime. To your own point, such mentality does seem a little 'toxic'.

Secondly, it does not matter what age you earn that salary. You should know that some career comes at a price - the more you earn may not necessarily equate a better quality of life. ie. what is your real purpose of earning so much when you are young? Are you missing out on something else?

Thirdly, you don't necessarily only need to focus on scaling your salary in a career. S ome took u-turns or suffer a pay cut to get a job that is more enjoyable or fulfilling.

I'm happy that you achieved a high salary at a young age, but I will encourage you to try and get out of that rat race. Most of us are kinda stuck, but you could have a real opportunity to do better.

I'm not sure if u mind sharing, how much is your basic? BTW, good job for your hard work! Manage you...

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