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Chloe Ng

Accountancy at Singapore Management University

14 Sep 2021



How much time does one need to put into to start solo investing away from agents?

Time needed to start solo investing away from agents

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Just go robo first.


How much time needed? Well if you budget 1 week to read up on robo, it takes one week, if you budget for 1 month then it takes 1 month. If you procrastinate, it takes forever

Hi, depends how independ you want to be.


I am assuming that you are working with an agent now. If you want to gain independence from your agent, the lowest effort way is to invest through roboadvisors. However you should never treat robo as the same as agents. You have to still research on the robo and find out which portfolio suits you the most.


The next step after robo will be etf or mutual funds investing through brokerages. Note that this method means you are fully on your own. There won't be human, or even a robot there to advise you. It's all on you to do your own research. Luckily in this digital era, information is everywhere. However you will need to know how to filter information to suite your own situation.


Last method is DIY stock investing. Not recommended unless you have a deep interest in finance and love to research into how companies operate.

You can explore roboadvisors. They are more beginner-friendly than going straight into investing on ...

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