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06 Apr 2021


How much do you guys earn? And how much should a 27 year old earn? (Range)?

Thank you! Just like to get some numbers for comparison sake?

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If you earn high, good for you. If you earn low, don’t bother comparing. The truth hurts when you know it......

Some people reach there by capability. Some people reach there by bootlicking. Some people reach there by luck.

Just live with a clear conscience. You should feel better.


06 Apr 2021

Personal Butler at Devhaus

You really wanna find out? Justin Bieber is 27, he's making 80million a year.

Fellas above have said all I felt is necessary to be pointed out. No need to compare one.

You must mention whether Singaporean or not, served NS? Employment pass? PR? I feel you shouldn't find out so much. When they say ignorance is bliss, there is some truth in it


06 Apr 2021

Administrator at SG

Having an average gauge of salary for your sector is fine. If it motivates you positively to work towards a goal it is fine. But if it affects you negatively and make you inferior and envious of others then what is the point?

Earning and spending is directly proportionate to your lifestyle and living habits. Lifestyle inflation is what made us spend more and want more. As long as you are contented with your current lifestyle and it does not inflate faster than your increment, who cares how much you are earning at your age?

Your self worth is not your net worth.


06 Apr 2021

Noob at Idiots Invest

In addition to the good points raised by Justin and Rick, here's some food for thought.

If you need...

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