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05 Mar 2020


General Investing

How do you think the upcoming US Elections will affect the markets?

Are there any things that you can foresee happening as a result of the upcoming US election? Market trends, possible repercussions?

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Rais M

05 Mar 2020

Accountant at SME

When Donald Trump was fighting to be the President, there were worries that he will not be a good President as he does not know his stuffs but it turn out the stock market keeps going up. He declared trade war with China, and yet the stock market shake a little and still goes up again.

The fundamentals of good businesses will remain the same regardless of who become the President. Invest in such business for the long run. Stock market might have some short term repercussions in the short term, but in the long run, I believe good and stable business will continue to make money and its share prices will continue to go up.

In other words, I do not bother what will happen during the US elections, but rather, if the business I invest in perform well. If there are certain new policies that might affect the business I invest in, I will review how the policies affect the particular business and evaulate its impact before deciding what to do.

Possibly republican win aleady priced in after the Corona crash

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