facebookHi everyone. I'm 33 years old this year, I would wish to retire around 50 years old with $1.5 million, is it too ambitious? My monthly income is close to $5K and I can save half of my take home.? - Seedly


Hi everyone. I'm 33 years old this year, I would wish to retire around 50 years old with $1.5 million, is it too ambitious? My monthly income is close to $5K and I can save half of my take home.?

I have about $200K in savings (mostly in FD, high yield savings account), ~$60K in my OA and SA combined. I do not have any dependents and my only liability is my housing loan which I'm servicing fully with my OA, til the age of 60.

I have only just started to invest with robo, stashaway global portfolio at 18% risk preference and syfe reits. What can I do to grow my portfolio? I'm looking at adding ETF but I'm not sure whether it will overlap with my SA portfolio?

Thank you! 

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What are your thoughts?

Great to see that you have a good retirement plan in mind.

i'm also striving to reach FI by 45.

Currently 29 yrs old.

Sadly i'm self-employed, no CPF and think it's worthless to put it in as there are a lot of restrictions in place.

So here's what i'll do if i were you.

I'll continue paying my Housing loan with CPF. Because my cash can be used to generate a high growth returns than the 2.5% growth in CPF.

I'll set aside 6 months worth of expenses in DBS Multiplier.

I'll also set aside any short term(1 yr) committments(Large amount) that i'll be going to spend aside.

Like Holiday, Insurance, income tax and medisave( For self employed)

Next i'll deploy the remainder into 2 tranche.

First will be lump sum.

Second will be DCA for the next 6-9 months.

For myself i do my own ETF investment.

Though i have 20% in my high growth stocks.

But my main 80% is in ETF.

For ETF, i don't time the market. Because it's kinda wasting time.

If you want to wait till it drop and buy also can. Like how it drops in the late Oct Period.

But why i don't time is because i don't know when the recovery will be.

Like what happened in Oct 2020 is that it drops for 3 weeks.

But it recover and Exceed the previous high in just 1 week.

So I'll lump sum in 50% of the allocated amount.

Then i'll DCA over 6-9 months depending on how comfortable you're with it.

When i first started, i only did 40 % Lump sum, 40% DCA and 20% Warchest.

But it seems like the 20% warchest is quite waste of time Because it always seems that i'll be buying higher than what i would have bought in the 40% Lump Sum tranche.

So example if 100k is what you have decided,

Then 50k in lump sum first

Remainder 50k split over 6-9 months.

Overlapping with SA is not so much of a concern for me.

Initially i had SA also. But i find the growth too slow.

So i went all in with my ETF.

My logic is that i think no point worrying about overlapping and stuff like that because my investment horizon will be 10 years - 15 years.

So doesn't matter to me.

I started this year Jan till Now.

Still buying in every month, week.

Hoping to FI by 45.

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Since you can't take your CPF out, using only your 200K savings and 30K a year of regular savings, you need 6.7% returns to reach $1.5M in 17 years time. Not that hard, you can consider doing RSP into some ETFs.

Using TVM, all of your current 260k and annual 30k savings (assuming no pay raise) will need to compound at 5.75% to reach $1.5m by 50yo. 5.75% is not tough but mind that ALL of your $ have to generate that returns. And clearly, your CPF portfolio will drag you down. Honestly, I think $1.5m is not ambitious at all, probably even too much of a comfort zone.

Hello Lovegood,

Im am by no means a specialist , but im gonna take a crack at this using some reall...

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