facebookHi Everyone! I am completely new to investments, but I would like to start with $200/mth, what are some tips or tutorials for me to start from? - Seedly


Hi Everyone! I am completely new to investments, but I would like to start with $200/mth, what are some tips or tutorials for me to start from?

I am currently serving NS and intend to start on some small investment for about $200 per month! Came across different RSS plans in SG like the OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan. I also went to look at different counters in Singapore but not sure which counters to start with. Anyone have any tips or tutorials for me to start from? Appreciate all your kind advice!😀

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Elijah Lee

Elijah Lee

09 Sep 2019

Level 18·Independent Financial Advisor at Phillip Securities (Jurong East)

I would suggest that you take into consideration the costs of investing, as Takingstock as detailed below, fees will put a dent into your investment. However do note that Unit Trusts have zero fees on POEMS, so you're basically investing every cent from the first dollar. You should examine if UTs are a suitable asset class for you first before proceeding, as there are many types of UTs out there.

Take some time to gain knowledge first as you are still young and time is on your side. There's no right or wrong answer, but only what suits you best. For blue chips, I would very much rather wait for low prices to buy in, instead of dollar cost averaging (due to fees)

Bjorn Ng

Bjorn Ng

05 Dec 2019

Level 13·Business Analyst at 10x Capital

Hey there! That's great that you explored OCBC BCIP! It's called a Regular Savings Plan (RSP). Basically how it works is every month, they will automatically take an amount which you decide (eg. $500) to invest in a stock of your choosing. For a start, you can consider STI ETF (top 30 blue chips in SG) or Lion Philip S-REITs ETF. Those will yield you about 3% annually.

Generally speaking, those 2 are pretty safe for a start as they are auto diversified. However, I would recommend you to read up more as well! I started from Hardwarezone Money Mind forum, great place to start with a lot of how-to sticky threads, but of course you got to filter out those "trolls" haha!

Victor Lye

Victor Lye

21 Sep 2019

Level 6·Founder & CEO at SquirrelSave

Do browse the online digital investment services now available. These are the alternatives to tradit...

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