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Edited 31 Dec 2021


Full-time working and studying part-time

I am a 26M who has been working full time and studying part-time for 3 years. As I approach the final semester of my degree, I am considering to take a career break in 1H 2022 to focus on my studies and settle down in a new job after I graduate in June 2022.

Currently, I’m one month into a new job(under probation), which I honestly don’t see myself doing for long. The reason I’m staying is because I’m afraid it will hurt my resume/prospects.

Will the career break affect my future prospects?

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What are your thoughts?

Will not affect, in fact you can just exclude it from your resume

As long as you are able to justify the gap, it will not be an issue.

And it’s ok to take breaks.
Take care of yourself more.
It’s going to be ok.

  • Will not affect.

Interviewer: why are u not employ for 6 month.

You: becoz i want to focus on my...

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