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15 Mar 2020

Credit Cards

Anyone having issues syncing OCBC into your Seedly app?

What can I do to resolve it?

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Talha Yazdanie

15 Mar 2020

Senior Supply Planning Manager at Pfizer

I am having trouble linking OCBC ACCOUNT. I am able to successfully enter my credentials and the app confirms that the transactions have been synced. However, I do not see my account in the list of accounts, neither do I see OCBC in the accounts to sync at the TOP. When I try to link again, it says these credentials are already linked. I changed my access code three times and issue is still the same. Please help!!!!

Kenneth Lou

14 Sep 2019

Co-founder at Seedly

Hi there! We should have all fixed the OCBC issues by now already :)

Now you should be able to jus...

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