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09 Jan 2021


Anyone has review and experience using Wahed Invest, Halal Robo Advisor?

I don’t see any Singaporean sharing their reviews or experience with Wahed Invest. Do share with us!

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What are your thoughts?

Im sure you have read up on some of the views expressed online wth regards to Wahed.

Here is another Singaporean opinion that i have found before setting up my account. http://www.smartmamat.com/i-made-an-investment-...

Personally, i found the platform easy to use especially for those just starting to invest. However, i think the main drawback for me was the telegraphic transfers fees which are quite alot. I use either Revolut or Instarem to get a better fx when makin my transfer. Think this is the best option to have a better rate overall as compared to using the local banks.

Btw, u can use my referral khahaf8 if you are still interested in using this platform for both of us to gain USD 25 with min topup of USD 100.​​​

So far this is my experience. The mobile app is easy to use and to navigate around. However transferring of funds is quite a hassle. They used to accept transfer of funds via debit/credit card but they had removed that option. I had to fund my wahed account via telegraphic transfer. Due to this I wouldn't recommend doing a small monthly deposit as the transfer fees are expensive. So in my opinion do a lump sum deposit instead.

Another alternative is using transferwise where the fees may be cheaper but I haven't try it out yet. As there isn't much options for muslims here in sg to invest ethically, I feel wahed is a good option as they allocate funds into shariah compliant etfs and islamic bonds. So its quite diverse and you'll have a peace of mind knowing that your funds are invested ethically in the halal way.

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That's because they don't operate in Singapore, seems like HQ is in Malaysia. Transferring funds int...

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