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14d ago

Anybody think any stock can go 10x over the next 10 years?

How do we find companies that can 10x? Currently a young student looking for very high returns over the next decade! Please give recommendations of companies I can look into thanks!!


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    Honestly, nobody will know. If anyone can really identify which companies that will 10x for the next 10 years. Those financial institutions will come knocking at his/her doors begging him/her to join them.

    Institutional investor will just cast a net hopefully one will 10x. Many of the calculations/projection are just assumptions made by individual then input into a formula.

    A portfolio of 15- 20% return would already considered outstanding, you would be the same level of warren buffet, no need to 10x, you would also be very rich.




      Most institutional investors look for companies with consistent revenue, profit and cashflow. However, when all these financial numbers line up beautifully, everyone would have already jumped on it and that’s when it’s expensive.

      Yes, we can still make loads with such investments, but if you want 10x in 3-5 years you got to look at businesses that have characteristics of businesses that will achieve such strong financial numbers but have yet to.

      Look at AMZN before it became profitable, Jeff Bezos was very smart to constantly reinvest to gain market share. Many didn’t like AMZN in the past because it was not profitable, but see the formidable force it is now




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        Personally I would consider stocks that are not towards the large or mega market cap. As those compa...

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