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19 Apr 2021


Any way to check investments with Endowus using UOB Kay Hian platform?

Besides using endowus platform, can we check using UOB Kay Hian platform? How do we know there is indeed an account under our name with UOB Kay Hian?

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19 Apr 2021

Hi Anon,

Clients can reach out to UOB Kay Hian Client Services hotline directly to verify their UOB Kay Hian account details if they wish to through the UOB Kay Hian hotline: 6536-9338.

Do note that all Endowus transactions need to be executed via the Endowus platform.

UOB Kay Hian used to send out monthly statement for the Endowus portfolio. However they will stop from April 2021 and will ask you to check the portfolio value directly at Endowus, due to the lag time between the actual and stated value.

When I first applied for Endowus, I also received letter from UOB Kay Hian on the account opened with them. You could check your mail to see if you received it previously.

I don’t use UOB Kay Hian so I don’t know about their platform. The CPFIS statement from UOB will also reflect how much is invested with Endowus but will not have the market value reflected.

Actually the UOB Mighty app doesn’t show the market value of the CPF portfolio, just show what is the holdings. Strange but true.

I think invest directly has more control over your funds and less overhead. There is small fees here...

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