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18 Apr 2019



Advice needed regarding career switch?

Hi, I'd like to find out if anyone managed to do a career switch to cyber security field? I have no IT background, and is considering Singapore Poly's part time Diploma in Infocomm and Digital Media (Cyber Security), which is a 2.5 years course. Would like to find out whether this diploma will be useful, or can anyone point out where to start? I understand that professional certificates are a must, just wondering if doing this diploma will help in my career switch. Thanks.

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Bang Hong

20 Jul 2018

Sustainable Spender Specialist at Spender Bang

IT security you need to have a lot of passion for this.


I seen people who entered private uni, but got hired by big names, because at his own time he do uses linux, did alot of reading and hands on. Education can only bring you 5-10% of the journey imho, but be mindful a diploma or degree doesnt mean you will get an IT security job.


Personal advice is if you do not have experience in IT, then go read up more about it before considering. I will recommend to take up that diploma course if you do not have a Diploma , else short courses might just work.


For the baseline of security it will be operations, doing IT security monitoring and investigation which involve shift work (8 hours or 12 hours shift) around the clock. That will be a good way of starting IT security roles from the very bottom if you are interested.


Doing a Diploma will help in a career switch, but how much, is subjective. But from the start of IT security as IT monitoring does require some basic IT knowledge to begin with, as such some short courses might be good enough but Diploma might be a better option.

Othewise you can apply for jobs and inform them if you are hired, you will take a diploma course to upgrade your knowledge. If the company is willing to sponsor and bond you for 1-2 years, that might be worthwhile exploring too.

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