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Citibank InterestPlus
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About Citibank InterestPlus
Min Rate0.01%
Max Rate3.6%
Min Initial Deposit$2,000
Interest TiersBased on account balances and 4 category transactions (card spend, bills, insurance, investments, home loan instalments)

How to maximise the interest rate for a Citibank InterestPlus Savings Account?

Base interest rate(%) p.a.

The base interest rate per annum for Citibank InterestPlus is as follows:

  • If your average daily balance is < $5000, your base interest rate is 0.01%p.a.
  • If your average daily balance is $5000 - <$30,000, your base interest rate is 0.05%p.a.
  • If your average daily balance is more than $30,000, your base interest rate is 0.10%p.a.

Bonus Interest Rate(%) p.a

You can earn bonus interest in the following ways:

  • Insuring a single premium worth $25,500 or a monthly premium of $250 for 12 months will earn you 1.2%p.a. of bonus interest
  • Spending $25 monthly in your Citibank Credit Card will earn you 0.1%p.a. of bonus interest.
  • Invest $250 monthly in a regular savings plan for 12 months or a lump sum of $25,000 in unit trust will earn you 1.2%p.a. of bonus interest
  • Taking up a Citibank Loan of at least $250,000 will earn you 1%p.a. of bonus interest

Good to know

Bonus interest is paid:

  • Over a span of 12 months for investment and insurance
  • Every month whenever you spend $25
  • On the first $50,000 in your account
  • On top of your base interest


Individuals 18 years and above

Other Benefits:

Other benefits include:

  • Checking facilities
  • Online Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Citibank Debit Card

Fee and Charges for Citibank InterestPlus

  • Minimum average monthly balance: $5000
  • Fall bellow fee: $10
  • Monthly account fee if balance is less than $5000: $10

Contact Info

24-hour CitiPhone Hotline: 6225 5225

Here is Citibank InterestPlus’s T&Cs

You can check out Citibank InterestPlus’s page here.