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Prudential PRUpersonal Accident

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Personal Accident Insurance/Prudential PRUpersonal Accident
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  • [Terms & Conditions] TCM and medical reimbursement coverage is on a per accident basis (not per year) [Claims Process] claims can also be submitted online with photo of bill, with reimbursement made within 7 days
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Level 6. Master
Answered 2w ago
I am using AIA as well, so far, as long as I submit the receipt / MC / claim form on time, there are no issues. usually gets processed within a month. the insurer that starts with letter P - avoid.
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Prudential PRUpersonal Accident Info

Prudential PRUpersonal Accident offers 6 types of plans with different payouts and premiums based on the coverage you require. On top of that, there are different Sum Assured for different Occupation Class.

Key Benefits from Prudential PRUpersonal Accident Ā 

  • Affordable premiums with 24-hour worldwide coverage
  • Covers accidents, food poisoning, animal and insect bites (including dengue fever and Zika virus)
  • 3 times payout for public transport accidents
  • 2 times payout for private transport and pedestrian accidents, building fires and accidents during school-time
  • Covers injuries sustained during NS, reservist and adventurous activities like scuba diving
  • Reimburses treatment bills including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) bills
  • Coverage increases by up to 25% in the first five years if no claims are made

For more details, you can check out Prudential PRUpersonal Accidentā€™s brochure here.

Benefits Available from Prudential PRUpersonal Accident

  • Daily Accidental Hospital Income Benefit
  • Daily Accidental ICU Benefit
  • Mobility Aid Benefit
  • Get Well Transport Benefit
  • Family Support Fund Benefit
  • Travel and Medical Assistance Benefit
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Benefit

Optional Benefits from Prudential PRUpersonal Accident

  • Fractures, Burns and Dislocations Benefit
  • House Fitting Expenses Benefit
  • Mobility Aid Benefit
  • Recovery Benefit

How To Claim Prudential PRUpersonal Accident

  • You can first visit Prudentialā€™s ā€˜How To Submit a Claimā€™ page here.
  • Complete the relevant claim form
  • Submit your form together with supporting documents through your Financial Consultants or at the Customer Service Center.
  • OR mail it to Prudential at:
  • Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited
  • Robinson Road P.O. Box 492 Singapore 900942

Prudential PRUpersonal Accident Contact Info

  • Tel: 6697 4901
  • Fax: 6734 6953
  • Address: 30 Cecil Street #30-01
  • Prudential Tower Singapore 049712

You can visit Prudential PRUpersonal Accidentā€™s website here.