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FWD Personal Accident

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FWD Personal Accident Insurance Review 2021

Touted as one of the most competitively priced and most comprehensive, here are some of FWD Personal Accident Insurance's highlights:

  • Ability to claim for Medical Expenses – including treatment such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, bone setting, and chiropractic therapy – that results from accidents locally or overseas.
  • Accidental death coverage of up to S$1,000,000
  • Weekly income available for temporary disability that prevents you from working, for up to 104 weeks (included in the top 2 plans, 500k and 1000k, and available as rider add-ons for the rest)
  • Other coverage benefits like daily taxi allowance, event cancellations or damage of electronic devices are also claimable!
  • Across all 5 tiers of plans, get Overseas Emergency medical evacuation, 24 hours medical helpline, Emergency phone charges and Ambulance fees coverage.
  • Get covered for COVID-19, in addition to other infectious diseases, unforeseen accidents, and more

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      23 Sep 2020


      FWD Personal Accident Insurance 1000k

      [Claims Process] This is my second review on FWD and this time i will be focusing on claims. I submitted my 1st PA claim on 15/9/20 to two insurer (FWD & other one is Sxxxx). Received my remibursement from Sxxxx on the same day (received in the evening via Paynow); For FWD, it took 8 work days to process and received my claim today (23/9). It is still acceptable timeframe, however the service standards from S**** does wow me!


      What are your thoughts?


      24 Aug 2020


      FWD Personal Accident Insurance 100k

      Compared various insurers and found out that FWD best meet my needs in terms of my desired coverage and coverage for spouse. Covering the 2 of us cost less than $80 (with some covid-19 period discount). Couldn’t comment much and the claim process (touch wood), but according to the app, it seems easy everything done via app. Touch wood again..


      What are your thoughts?


    • [Claims Process] I have put up a claim on January, but until today they insist they want the airlines to proof the airline was wrong, so until today they don't compensate me at all, they can check with the airport standard procedure and the documents I submitted, but fwd insurance choose to deny my claim, and also they travel insurance is the lowestpay out, ( maximum only $300 Singapore dollars) confirmed by their claim officer joel, so if lost more than $300, you have to cry out the rest of your money.


      What are your thoughts?


      08 Jun 2020
      [Purchase Process] Very smooth and easy. From the moment I tried to sign up, to the confirmation was less than 5 minutes! Very clear options too! I found FWD rates to be one of the cheapest, probably due to their no frills setup (online only for signups, for the most part) [Terms & Conditions] It's clear enough; nothing I'm concerned about, and as I have bought many travel insurance packages from them, I have enough trust of them to sign up for this!


      What are your thoughts?


    • [Claims Process] - Fast process and good responds from customer service call centre. [Hidden Terms] - No hidden terms, transparent and straight forward. Easy to understand.


      What are your thoughts?


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      Summary of FWD Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

      FWD Personal Accident Insurance has over 5 plans - for different levels of coverages at different premium prices. The lower tier plans are:

      Here’s a summary of the Policy Benefits from FWD Personal Accident Insurance Coverage


      Medical Expenses
      Alternative Treatments (e.g. TCM, Chiro)

      Accidental Death & Disability


      Weekly income benefit


      • Inpatient and Outpatient: S$15,000
      • Alternative Treatments: $1,500
      • Accidental Death: S$1,000,000
      • Permanent total or partial disability: S$1,000,000




      • Inpatient and Outpatient: S$10,000
      • Alternative Treatments: $1,000
      • Accidental Death: S$500,000
      • Permanent total or partial disability: S$500,000




      • Inpatient and Outpatient: S$6,000
      • Alternative Treatments: $700
      • Accidental Death: S$300,000
      • Permanent total or partial disability: S$300,000



      • Inpatient and Outpatient: S$4,000
      • Alternative Treatments: $600
      • Accidental Death: S$200,000
      • Permanent total or partial disability: S$200,000



      • Inpatient and Outpatient: S$2,000
      • Alternative Treatments: $500
      • Accidental Death: S$100,000
      • Permanent total or partial disability: S$100,000


      Other Notable Benefits:

      1. Across All Plans:

      • Unlimited Emergency medical evacuation when you are overseas
      • 24 hours medical helpline for emergency assistance
      • Emergency phone charges of S$300 when you are overseas
      • Ambulance fee of S$500 for hospital transfer due to an Accident

      2. Mobility and Prosthesis Aids up to S$5,000

      3. Guardian Angel Benefit up to S$500,000

      4. Physiotherapy Expenses up to $5,000

      5. Home Modifications up to $50,000

      Does FWD Personal Accident Insurance Cover COVID-19?

      FWD Personal Accident Insurance does cover Coranavirus COVID-19, with these parameters:

      1. Medical Expenses: Up to S$7,500 for inpatient and outpatient care in Singapore
      2. Daily Hospital Income: Receive up to S$250 daily if you are admitted, or up to S$500 daily (up to 365 days) if you’re quarantined or admitted in ICU for 3 days or more.
      3. Accidental Death: Up to S$500,000 cover for death caused by an infectious disease depending on your policy

      FWD Personal Accident Insurance Optional Riders

      • Daily Hospital Income (up to 365 days)
        Get a daily cash allowance for up to 365 days during hospitalisation from an accident, food poisoning or an infectious disease. or any animal or insect bites.
        This benefit is already included for plans 500k and 1000k in their base cover
      • Weekly Income Benefit for Temporary Total Disability
        Given for up to 104 weeks.
        This benefit is already included for plans 500k and 1000k in their base cover.
      • Damage of Personal Electronic Devices
        Receive replacement costs of any personal electronic devices damaged beyond repair due to an accident that results in your hospitalisation.
      • Additional Permanent Total and Partial Disability (per policy year)
        Helps customise your price and coverage - Boost your coverage by opting for additional disability protection at a lower cost.
      • Medical Expenses Overseas For Inpatient and Outpatient
        Includes accidents, food poisoning, infectious diseases. or any animal/insect bites
      • Enhanced Permanent and Total Disability (per policy year)
        Additional protection if you are permanently and totally disabled and unlikely ever to engage in any occupation as per your education, training or experience.


      Plan coverage

      Daily Hospital Income

      1. 100k: S$50
      2. 200k: S$100
      3. 300k: S$200
      4. 500k: - included in base cover
      5. 1000k: - included in base cover

      Weekly income benefit for temporary total disability (up to 104 weeks)

      1. 100k: S$50
      2. 200k: S$100
      3. 300k: S$200
      4. 500k: - included in base cover
      5. 1000k: - included in base cover

      Damage of personal electronic devices

      1. 100k: S$500
      2. 200k: S$1,000
      3. 300k: S$1,500
      4. 500k: S$2,000
      5. 1000k: S$3,000

      Additional permanent total & partial disability (per policy year)

      1. 100k: S$50,000
      2. 200k: S$100,000
      3. 300k: S$150,000
      4. 500k: S$250,000
      5. 1000k: S$500,000

      Medical expenses overseas for inpatient & outpatient

      1. 100k: S$4,000
      2. 200k: S$8,000
      3. 300k: S$12,000
      4. 500k: S$20,000
      5. 1000k: S$30,000

      Benefit Parameters for FWD Personal Accident Insurance Optional Riders

      How Much does FWD Personal Accident Insurance Cost?

      Personal Accident Insurance premiums are priced according to the coverage you want and the type of occupation you are in. As different levels of occupation groups have different risk probabilities. Generally, the 4 occupation groups are:

      • White -Collar / Office-workers - e.g. Accountants, Retail Shop Owners, Designers
      • Sales / Light Manual Workers - e.g. Cleaner, Journalist, Photographer, Electrical Engineer, Hairdresser, Wait Staff, Homemaker, and Students
      • Skilled & Semi-Skilled Manual Workers - e.g. Bartender, Drivers, Carpenter, Coach, Construction foreman, Dry cleaner, Shelf-packer, Plumber
      • Heavy Manual / Unskilled Workers - e.g. Aircon Installer, Aircraft Technician, Concrete Mixer Driver, Security Guards, Sewage Worker

      Check out the yearly premiums for Individuals for FWD PA across 4 occupation types.


      White Collar / Office Worker

      Sales / Light Manual Worker

      Skilled & Semi-skilled Manual Worker

      Heavy Manual / Unskilled Worker


























      Individuals' Annual Premium Rates for FWD Personal Accident Insurance across different occupations

      Getting cheaper premiums

      Opting to apply for FWD Personal Accident Insurance as a Couple will give you approximately a 5% discount assuming both spouses work in the same type occupation.

      Applying for The Family plan will also give you lower premiums per pax.

      How To Claim FWD Personal Accident Insurance

      • One can either call Emergency Assistance at +65 6322 2072 or visit FWD' website for online claims procedure
      • Claims must be made within 30 days of the accident
      • Documentation such as but not limited to, medical reports, evidence and police reports, etc are required to assess claims

      Eligibility: Who Can Apply for FWD PA Insurance?

      • Age Limit: below 65 years old (*Note the policy ends when the insured reaches age 75)
      • Must hold a valid Singapore identification document that includes either a National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) Number or a Foreign Identification Number (FIN)
      • Must have never been refused to buy or renew any Personal Accident insurance, nor have their Personal Accident insurance ever been cancelled or voided by their insurer, and
      • Must not be exposed to additional hazards that are widely recognised as dangerous or health deteriorating during work.

      FWD Contact

      • Hotline: +65 6820 8888
      • For Accident or Travel/Home Emergency Assistance only: +65 6322 2072
      • Address: FWD Singapore Pte Ltd, 6 Temasek Boulevard, #18-01 Suntec, Tower Four, Singapore 038986

      Contact us at [email protected] should you require any assistance or spot any inaccuracies.