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MSIG Home Insurance

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About MSIG Home Insurance

MSIG Home Insurance offers high customisable and flexible cover to cater to different customer needs. And boasts its ‘Free Personal Liability Cover’, which offers free personal liability cover of up to $1 million.

Coverage offered by MSIG Home Insurance

Here’s a summary of the coverage and maximum sum insured from MSIG Home Insurance.

  • Home Contents *^+: Sum proposed by insured
  • Replacement of lock and keys*: $250
  • Accidental death of you and your spouse in your home caused by fire or thieves: $15,000 or half of the Sum Insured on Home Contents whichever is lesser and in the aggregate
  • Alternative accommodation or loss of rent: 10% of Sum Insured in Home Contents
  • Buildings including fixtures and fittings*: Sum as proposed by insured
  • Worldwide personal legal liability for you and your family: $1,000,000
  • Liability as a tenant*: $500,000

  • *Excess of $100 each and every claim
  • ^ If any article forms part of a pair or set suite, group or collection, colour, pattern or design, we will pay only for the value of the article and not for any higher value the article may have as part of a pair or set suite, group or collection, colour, pattern or design.
  • + Excludes contact lenses, handphones and pagers.

Premiums from MSIG Home Insurance

The minimum premium is $85.60 per policy (inclusive of 7% GST).

FAQs for MSIG Home Insurance

1. If I already have some type of fire insurance from HDB or with my bank, do I need to buy separate Home Insurance coverage?

- Those types of fire insurance coverage typically insure buildings structures, permanent fixtures and fittings only. Home contents and personal belongings may not be covered. MSIG Home Insurance provides cover for the above mentioned plus additional covers such as Special Possessions and liability to your domestic maids.

2. Are the personal belongings of my domestic maids covered under Home Insurance?

- The Home Contents section provides cover of up to $500 for personal effects such as clothing and personal items belonging to your domestic maid who lives permanently with you.

3. How do I make a claim?

- Contact MSIG Home Insurance’s Claim Department as soon as possible if an incident were to happen. Following that, you must complete a Claim form to facilitate the claim process. Written proof of the accident such as police reports, invoices and all supporting documents must be included as proof of claim.

MSIG Home Insurance Contact Info

  • Home Insurance, 24-hour Roadside Assistance: +65 6337 6776
  • Claims, 24-hour Hotline: +65 6827 7660
  • Customer Service Hotline: +65 6827 7602