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Bank Account

David Morgan
David Morgan
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 19h ago
There’s a lot of untold context here. How old are you? What job are you working at? Do you have commitments that require the salary from your job?Have you saved up emergency funds Incase anything would happen to you or your family members during the 3 months period? Any particular reasons for 3 months unpaid leave? Is the job you are at requires your presence such as F&B/Retail Sector? Are you in good terms with your work colleagues that they would cover your workload? But on the general side, what are you planning to do during the 3 months? Vacation break? Eat sleep repeat at home or? Your boss would be okay with this arrangement if -You are a magnificent Asset to the Company -You are second in command after your boss -You have an understanding boss -You have to work from whenever you are be it UPL or VL through a laptop etc -You have a very good legit reason for the unpaid leave. (My colleague had underwent surgery and got a 2 month MC and a few weeks of UPL to rest. My views may be wrong but I hope there are others to share their own views on your question :).


It's in the name. Advice. If you don't need advice, don't pay for it. If you need advice, pay for it. Someone will tell you what to buy, buy it for you, and manage it for you for a fee. If you don't need advice, DIY, and save on the advisory fee.

Unit Trust



It would seem that a 6% drop in your portfolio value is making you concerned. However, when the recession comes, your portfolio will drop far more than that, 40% is not unheard off, and yes, a drop of that magnitude applies to your stashaway acconut as well. Hence, if you have a concern with your portfolio's fluctation in value, I would suggest you to hedge your risk with other asset classes that may be more stable or even guaranteed so that you have less worry compared to when your entire portfolio is exposed to the markets.


PFF Panel 1

Seedly PFF 2019

If there is no pre-existing condition, it really depends on their affordability. Minimum would be at least the standard plan or B1 to cover pre and post hospitalisation. That is if you can afford. Riders can be left out if you do not have enough cash to fund it.


David Morgan
David Morgan
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 19h ago
Take your friends card and your card and spread it with your fingers and tell the waiter to pick one of the card. But on the serious side, Do you have a card that enjoys similar card benefits? Or you are just jealous that your friends is getting extra benefits from the card at the cost of you guys eating out? If you do, I presumed you are dining out with similar clique, maybe come to an agreement that each time you guys dine out, each person have the chance pay the bill? Let’s say tonight Friend A pay the bill ; next time Friend B pay the bill, then it will soon be your turn to foot the bill? Or you can just tell them you would also want to enjoy your card benefits?


Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 8. Wizard
Updated 15h ago
Tee Ming, my co-founder here at Seedly, has used Robinhood! He actually has a US based bank account when he was working there and he has been using it ever since. Will get him to reply here on his experience! Look out for it :)

Credit Card

I don't GIRO my credit card payments since I wish to retain control to an extent: I always check my statements and make sure they are correct before paying. This does require a certain level of discipline however, but you'll be able to catch any suspicious transactions and you can call and dispute before paying. If you fear missing a payment, then GIRO is probably better, but I would still check my statements once they are ready.


Xue Yi Hang
Level 2. Rookie
Answered 9h ago
Actually why not learn from the internet for free? I started from cup noodles level myself and learned all my cooking from YouTube. Now I cook better than my wife :) You can simply search for things like "basic knife skills" and stuff like that and learn all your fundamentals there. The Pro Home Cooks YouTube channel is great too!

Promotional Codes

Mobile Plans


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Lau XinYi
Lau XinYi
Level 2. Rookie
Answered 2d ago
AIA Mum2Baby Protect is a bundle of the wholelife plan AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II (GPP) together with maternity coverage. 1) The AIA Mum2Baby plan allows you to transfer the life coverage from you to baby. Includes also the early critical illness coverage. 2) You can guarantee life insurance coverage for your child after birth. 3) This is very important as I’ve seen children born with conditions like heart murmur that complicate any insurance coverage at birth. For IVF/IUI/ICI and ICS pregnancies, there is no extra premium needed and this can save you quite a bit. Once again, there’s no such thing as the best plan as there’s only the more suitable ones! (:
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