WP's Jamus Lim won the hearts of viewers last night for his stellar performance during the online debate. What do you think about Jamus's concluding statement that the WP are not denying PAP a mandate but a blank cheque? - Seedly
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Singapore General Elections 2020

Clara Ng

Asked on 02 Jul 2020

WP's Jamus Lim won the hearts of viewers last night for his stellar performance during the online debate. What do you think about Jamus's concluding statement that the WP are not denying PAP a mandate but a blank cheque?

I thought that was quite a nice conclusion by him.


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Chujun Hong
Chujun Hong
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 02 Jul 2020

Have you wondered why despite producing one of the brightest students in the world , we seldom have Singaporean being named as renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, architects or other professional jobs in the global scene?

The key word is "groupthink". Nobody will challenge a certain idea or policy because they desire harmony and conformity. This results in dysfunctional decisions being made. In the long term, even the brightest guy will lose the creativity and passion to chase after it's own beliefs.

Just imagine if big tech companies such as Apple , Facebook , Amazon adopt "groupthink", can they continue to innovate and outperform their competitors? In a company setting, we have people contesting ideas of a proposal. It is totally conducive & healthy and we can get the best consensus to solve a problem.

I support Jamus that we should not give a "blank cheque" to a ruling party, it will do more harm than good as they could become more complacent if left unchallenged.

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Clara Ng
Clara Ng

02 Jul 2020

The right amount resistance can do some good for our society. It was important for WP to highlight that the party isn’t opposing for the sake of doing so, which I think Jamus successfully brought that message across.
Clara Ng
Clara Ng, Community Manager at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Answered on 02 Jul 2020

The Workers' Party (WP) is not trying to deny the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) a strong mandate, said WP candidate for Sengkang GRC Jamus Lim yesterday.

In all likelihood, the PAP will get this mandate by the end of the July 10 election, added Associate Professor Lim, an economist at Essec Business School, during a live debate broadcast on TV and online.

"What we're trying to deny them is a blank cheque," he said.

"That is what I think this election truly is about, so that we can actually have this kind of debate not just in a constrained form over a table but in the forum which was designed for this, which is Parliament.

"I call on voters: If you believe in having all voices heard, if you believe that we succeed only when we have sound and rational debate about what matters, if you believe in the essence of a democratic, modern society for the 21st century, then we ask that you make your vote count, and that you will vote for the Workers' Party."

Prof Lim, in his closing statement, said it was clear from the debate, which he said he had enjoyed, that the PAP "does not have a monopoly on the best ideas on how we should bring society forward".

Responding, Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said he completely agreed with Prof Lim.

"The PAP does not claim a monopoly on wisdom. The PAP is not afraid of an open contest of ideas. We do so in real life during campaigns, we do so online and we do it in Parliament."

The minister noted that regardless of the election outcome, the next term of Parliament will have more opposition MPs than before. The minimum number of opposition, including Non-Constituency MPs, was raised from nine to 12 in 2016.

Source: The Straits Times


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Billy Ko
Billy Ko, Analyst at ClubMed
Level 7. Grand Master
Updated on 02 Jul 2020

To place things in a lighter perspective, I'd vision the ruling party as the Sun while the opposition party as Rain. And the people of Singapore as plants. In order for plants to grow and flower, you need both Sun and Rain. Too much of either and the plants will die (okay, kindda exaggerating here, but I think I made my point).

I do agree on the end goal which PAP aims to achieve i.e. create new jobs, lower costs etc. However, just like cooking an egg, there are tons of different methods one can do to achieve the outcome and that is where the voice of opposition comes in - to ensure that every method is well-thought through (during parliamentary debates), the pros and cons, the trade-offs. If a chef always cooks a sunny-side Up, he may never discover scrambled eggs.

It is indeed true that PAP will highly get the mandate (purely based on of seats contested), that being said, I do hope to see some opposition in there as well. Using the example of the cook, even though there are 90 cooks that only know how to cook a Sunny-side Up, all you need is 1 cook to demonstrate how to cook a scrambled egg for the current cooks to think.​​​


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