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With sufficient savings, will it be better to pay for University tuition fees using cash instead of using balance from my PSEA account (which unused will be credited into CPF)?

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    • Isabella Jo
      Isabella Jo
      48 Answers, 72 Upvotes
      Answered on 21 Jul 2018

      I will utilize the balance in PSEA and only use cash to pay off the remaining amount.

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    • Gabriel Tan Jun Wei
      Gabriel Tan Jun Wei
      25 Answers, 41 Upvotes
      Answered on 11 May 2018

      Hi there

      Just use your PSEA account! Like Gabriel has mentioned, amount left in PSEA would definitely not be sufficient pay for your fees - it'll only offset a certain amount.

      All the best!

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    Yeap Ming Feng
    Yeap Ming Feng
    39 Answers, 102 Upvotes
    06 May 2018

    In my opinion, using of PSEA will be the way to go. There shouldn't be much anyway, but it can help offset a bit of those university fees. It will be credited into your CPF anyway, which means it lacks liquidity.

    I believe since you are still clearing debts, it means graduation was not too long ago. Hence, having liquid savings as your emergency helps!

    All the best clearing those tuition fees!

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