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Will the insurance system ever fail?

Term Insurance system may fail as it covers till 99 years old with the lowest price. By then, most would've claimed it already and it takes nearly a few thousand policies owners to pool this sum of money to pay a life claim about $1m. What are your thoughts on this?


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Not exactly sure what your qn is. But I'm assuming you're trying to say if people start claiming from the insurance company, will they have the money to pay you when you die.

Firstly, it's a contract. Insurers pay billions in claims yearly. Secondly, the premium you paid them is invested so they'll be able to earn and pay you back when you die.

Thirdly, all risk is already priced in. Some people will die earlier, some later, some would cancel, some wouldn't even claim. All this is already priced in and you're paying fair value plus some markup for the risk you're passing on to the insurance company.

Fourthly, MAS makes sure Insurers have enough money to pay claims. Lastly, insurance companies are reinsured by bigger insurance companies. So don't worry, keep paying your premiums, and you'll be able to claim.


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