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Asked on 24 Mar 2020

Why did Seedly change the navigation bar?

Took me a while to adapt to it.


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Clara Ng
Clara Ng, Community Manager at Seedly
Level 6. Master
Updated on 28 Mar 2020

Hi Anon,

We are constantly finding ways on how we can improve the user experience, which led to new improvements made to the navigation bar! It is now more user-friendly than our previous one.

Like with anything new, we understand that it might take some time getting used to. But we hope that after getting used to it, our users and you will have a better and more enjoyable time on our platform with the improved navigation bar :)​​​


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Skyline Stickman Cetus
Skyline Stickman Cetus

28 Mar 2020

Hey, i was wondering if it's okay to implement a custom account and another thing for improvement could be freely sorting of accounts as to the user liking. Hope you guys can work on it 😊
Clara Ng
Clara Ng

29 Mar 2020

Hi @Skyline, thanks for your suggestion! Your suggestions are what help us improve :) I'd bring this up to the team! Thank you again for your suggestion and feel free to keep them coming if you have new ones. Cheers!