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Posted on 13 May 2020

Which websites do you use to find good promos and deals?

Which websites do you use to find deals?


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Posted on 16 May 2020

Adding on to what some of the others have mentioned (telegram groups, shopback and etc), for food I actually get paid food apps such as burpple and entertainer.

For entertainer - if you have hsbc cards, you will be able to get a free version even tho the restaurants on it are more limited.

For burpple - it offers 1-1 deals, and I find that the restaurants are great. Also, they have a promo now $59 for a year and you can activate it within 3 months from you date of purchase!



I think it mostly depends on what kind of items you are looking for.

Generally for items Shopee with their credit card discounts and coupon deals

Lazada and Qoo10 for comparison.

For F&B Chope/ Klook + shopback for deals + respective credit cards

Sometimes, SAFRA and NTUC might have special rates.

For delivery, foodpanda/grab/whyq promo codes are googled, or shopee for stacking vouchers.



Alternatively through your daily actions, you can make it known to your friends just what kinds of d...

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