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Which health insurance can I get for my mom whose 55 years old and has diabetes and high cholesterol?

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    • Soon Xiaohui
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      Answered on 29 Jun 2018

      Hello, may I know if your mom been rejected or declined for any insurance application? If the answer is no, you may apply for Moratorium Underwriting under Aviva.

      And also do rememeber to check if her medishield life covers on her diabetes condition too as medishield life does exclude certain condition(s) for people who has pre-existing conditions if it is severe. This is something which many is not aware of.

      Alternatively, you may also look into getting insurance such as AIA Diabete Care (T&C - diabete must only diagnosed after age 25) , NTUC Silver Secure to assist in reducing the medical treatment/bills.

      Do drop me an email at [email protected] if you need explaination on the plans, what you can do, etc.

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    • Gabriel Tan Jun Wei
      25 Answers, 41 Upvotes
      Answered on 29 Jun 2018

      Hi there

      Health insurance has one of the strictest underwriting for new policyholders. At 55 with such conditions, it is most likely the no insurers would be willing to underwrite this policy under Integrated Shield Plan. However, you can still go ahead and try and see if the underwriters are willing to incept this case.

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    Junming Huang
    1 Answers, 1 Upvotes
    29 Jun 2018

    Medishield life? Again this highlights the importance of getting insurance when you are young and healthy.

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