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Asked on 21 Aug 2019

When will DBS be synced to Seedly Expense Tracker?

The Seedly app looks very interesting with its feature to sync with bank accounts, but when it DBS be available to sync with the app? Thanks!


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 9. God of Wisdom
Answered on 22 Aug 2019

Hey there! I'm Kenneth one of the co-founders here at Seedly.

Sadly, the team has made a tough decision to suspend the syncing of DBS due to some updated DBS third-party application policies. Thank you and we seek your understanding on this matter.

Do read more about this here: https://blog.seedly.sg/seedly-security/

Please do read the blog piece and let me know if you have any questions. We have released a new feature which allow our affected DBS-Seedly users to be able to add transactions to previously synced accounts in the latest update.

Thank you and hope you understand :) We are also testing out several potential solutions to solve this problem as well and our users will be the first to know when it happens. Thanks!


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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

14 Nov 2019

Hello Professor! haha. Thanks for asking... as of now it seems to be beyond us, as it's a regulatory stance that DBS has taken to prevent sharing of transaction data with third part applications. Appreciate your thoughts but the stance from Spendee and Wallet, is because they have far fewer users than us (as of today). So thus, DBS has a stricter stance with us. To our knowledge, they are shutting down many other apps as well.
The Professor
The Professor

15 Nov 2019

I see. Guess I have no choice but to do it manually. Thanks!