When should i stop saving and start to invest? Is there a minimum amount i should have before i start investing? - Seedly


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Asked on 17 Apr 2019

When should i stop saving and start to invest? Is there a minimum amount i should have before i start investing?


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Zann Chua
Zann Chua
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Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Hello! Instead of asking how much to save before investing, maybe you can look at it from another perspective in terms of ensuring that your high-interest debts are paid off before investing. The recommended amount of savings would be about 6-9 months of your emergency funds in order to ensure that you will have enough savings should anything happen to your job.

It is important to pay off all your high interest debt first so that you would not inccur too much interest.

I personally feel that once you have done these few things it would be the best time to start investing. You should try to do this as soon as possible as investing early as possible would be the ideal situation due to compounding.


Yeo Kee Kuan
Yeo Kee Kuan

17 Apr 2019

Good answer! Where did you learn debt management from? :) It is not common for individuals to believe in clearing high-interest debt before investing!
Zann Chua
Zann Chua

18 Apr 2019

Hello! I learnt it from reading articles online :)
Alex Chua Cheng En
Alex Chua Cheng En, Pcme at Anderson Junior College


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Answered on 17 Apr 2019

I would just answer the first question to add on to what Zann Chua said. I am curious why do you want to stop saving? Why not both at the same time? There are a lot of reasons why you should save and what you want to save for. Just how much much do you want it to be?

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