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What would your advice be? Wife and I are discussing and appreciate inputs 1) Downsize to HDB and grow CPF, 2) Sell the existing condo and buy a condo under each of our names or 3) Remain status quo? ?

What are possible gains and risks in each option? Wife and I are in our early 40s, have a teenage son, combined income of $15k. Each of us has CPF OA $230k, SA: $180k. There’s a $700k outstanding loan on the condo (bought new in 2012), which we use our CPF OA to pay for monthly.

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    • Loo Cheng Chuan
      Loo Cheng Chuan, Founder at 1M65 Movement
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      Answered on 07 Nov 2018
      • I cannot tell you what you should do but here is my advice. I am not a big believer of property as a good investment vehicle.
      • The 2 reasons for property prices to rise are Population Growth and Economic Growth. At the moment, none of these are growing in Singapore right now, hence I will not invest much into property right now and for many years to come.
      • That said, I make sure that I am not overleveraged on my property purchase and it is not stretched beyond my purchasing power. On that note, I have always lived in HDB and I am very comfortable in it.
      • I will be skeptical of using property as a tool for retirement because it does not necessary grow well and there is a lot of property risks involved.
      • It is also my view that Government being very careful about property bubbles being formed and regularly step in to prick little bubbles that brew in the property market.
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    • Yixiong Chang
      Yixiong Chang

      Top Contributor (Dec)

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      Answered on 07 Nov 2018

      Option 1 might not be feasible. You can only buy a resale HDB, but that you'll have to sell your condo within 6months. To buy a new HDB (or executive condo) you'll need a waiting period of 30months after selling your private property before able to buy. Even after that your income levels are too high.

      I might want to ask what would be your goal here?

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