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Asked by Danial Choo

Asked on 03 Nov 2018

What would be the best investments as a 21 year old planning for long term savings for retirement at age 65

Let's say I am willing to invest 300 SGD monthly, how would you invest it according to my situation?


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Loo Cheng Chuan
Loo Cheng Chuan, Founder at 1M65 Movement
Level 6. Master
Answered on 03 Nov 2018

First, find out about 1M65 and how the strategy works. I think everyone should try to build up a strong financial safety net first with their CPF SA / MA account.

Once you do that, then your retirement is kind of secured. You might then want to save your money to wait for a investment opportunity. It is common sense that how one makes money in stock market: Buy Low , Sell High. But few have the financial guts to do it

Probably your financial guts would be stronger to stomach invetment in market crashes if you have 1M65 mapped out. Traditional stock market experts encourage a dollar averaging investment method. I find it more rewarding to simply wait for market to crash badly and I would jump in and invest. Note: You might not invest well if your financial guts is not trained to do it - i.e. if you dont have a strong financail safety net of a 1M65.


Chong Learn Khang
Chong Learn Khang
Level 2. Rookie
Updated on 07 Jun 2019

Hi Danial,

If you save $300 per month, this is = $3600 a year.

*assuming you intend to have 1mil at retirement age of 65, you will have roughly 44 years to achieve this amount.

Using financial calculator, to achieve 1mil (yearly $3600 saving, over 44 years), your yearly investment returns must be about 7%.

*ofcoz this simple calculation excludes the reality of inflation and hence the purchasing power of your retirement money can be lower than what you expected. But this is much better than not setting aside for retirement.

Out of SSB(2+%), CPF (5%), ETF (3+%, depending on which year you started), the closest to this CPF ( *Your CPF savings in the Ordinary Account (OA) earn guaranteed interest rates of 2.5% per year, while savings in the SA, MediSave Account and RA currently earn interest rates of 4% per year. The first $60,000 of your combined CPF balances, of which up to $20,000 comes from your OA, earn an additional 1% interest per year) .


Leong Wen Fong
Leong Wen Fong

15 Nov 2018

Good advice, but the last paragraph won't add up to 7% returns in total would it!
Chong Learn Khang
Chong Learn Khang

30 Nov 2018

Yes @Leong :) you are right. Those don’t add up to 7% like you have mentioned. For those normal investment vehicles suggested, may not be sufficient for @daniel to achieve 1million at retirement age. Cpf is only one option “closer” to 7% returns. Ofcoz in the market, there are a lot investment that potentially higher returns (ofcoz riskier as well.) For young investor reading this post, I do suggest to talk more to those experienced investors and start young :) you have time advantage. Cheers and all the best
Paridhi Jhunjhunwala
Paridhi Jhunjhunwala, Associate at Kristal.AI
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 06 Dec 2019


One of the good strategies to implement for the long term is the All Weather strategy. It allows you to earn stable returns throughout the economic cycle by creating a well-diversified portfolio. You can read more about the strategy here.

At Kristal.AI, we have further developed two variations of the strategy. We have the All Weather Unleveraged, which is available to all investors. We also have the All Weather Aggressive, which makes use of leverage to enhance the returns and requires investors to have a higher risk appetite.

Hope you find this helpful! Happy investing!


Good Day Every Day
Good Day Every Day
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 03 Nov 2018

Build up your CPF. Then invest in Singapore Saving Bonds as well as equities and bonds ETFs.