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01 Aug 2020

What travel hacks have saved you money while travelling overseas?

Going for a year end trip for 10 days to the EU during December and was thinking before flying was looking to crowdsource good ideas for saving money while travelling with my family.


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    Share meals to save money and lose weight while you're at it. Well you can have one good meal a day, and pack sandwiches and fruit for the rest.

    Still water can be more expensive than sparkling water, so bring along bottles to refill at the hotel or if you chance upon any water coolers.

    Depends on where in EU you are going, you can check out Eurail passes. Youths get discounts off these passes.

    Don't visit theme parks unless you absolutely have to, and buy gifts from Aldi or those budget supermarkets, foodstuffs you can't get back home cheap or at all. Like ferrero hanuta, it is so cheap there.




      Kathlyn Laiu

      Kathlyn Laiu

      25 Mar 2020

      Level 8·Community Associate at Seedly

      Try to walk as much as you can cause that really saves you A LOT on transport expenses (even if it is a 35min walk, its still cheaper than a 15min bus ride) but of course if it is wayy too far then try to buy a train pass for the time you are there.

      Since you are going with your family, you can definitely save on food. In order to try more things, spend lesser on each meal and share every meal! My family went to the extent of sharing 2 burgers for 4 people...so yes it is very possible to cut on the cost of food.

      Something else you can do is go on free tours or explore the city on your own. it would be good that way because not only do you save on expenses but you also see much more of the city.

      I think planning the finances of your trip really helps. Like allocating specific amounts for food, transport and shopping for every single day and make sure you stick to it.




        1. Don't buy souvenirs. You will never look at them again and your relatives or friends don't really...

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