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30 Dec 2020

What's the most expensive gift you have ever given or received?

With Christmas just over, anyone got any great presents to share? Or perhaps you burned your pocket a little too much. (Doesn't have to be gifts from this Christmas any other occasion also can!)


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    What are your thoughts?


    Cost: I think this gift cost approx $600+USD then and surprisingly has increased in value since.

    About 5 years ago when Yeezys were extremely coveted, I wanted a 350 Pirate Black V1 badly and despite camping for the release, I took an L (which means I obviously wasn't able to get it.)

    The retail price then was probably less than $300USD there about, but the resale was wayyy more.

    A year later, on my birthday my partner managed to get it for me, and he probably paid for resale price. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to receive my absolute holy grail sneaker.

    And fast forward to today, the price today has increased to about $1,000USD? (price from StockX) but I love it and definitely won't be selling it.




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      Prada bag, iPhone, watch, etc for wife πŸ˜…




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        29 Dec 2020

        Level 11Β·human at When You Start Work

        Girlfriend and friends inviting me over to their house for gathering, that’s the most expensive gift...

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