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What's a recommended credit card for fresh graduates without credited salary?

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    • Ashley Lin
      Ashley Lin
      3 Answers, 16 Upvotes
      Answered on 10 Jun 2018

      I agree with Gabriel. When i first started working, I relied on debit card tied to my savings acct where HR will credit salary into.

      I took time to understand the credit card system and what works best for my expenses, lifestyle before signing up for one.

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    • Goh Kah Kiat
      Goh Kah Kiat
      8 Answers, 17 Upvotes
      Answered on 07 Jun 2018

      If you have secured a job, I would recommend getting your credit card when there's roadshows brought in by your company HR (if they conduct any). Those give the best perks / freebies from my own experience.

      However if you do not have a salary, I would agree with Gabriel's answer as it would be difficult to get one unless it's a secured credit card (ie you leave money with the card issuer).

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    Aik Kai
    Aik Kai
    22 Answers, 67 Upvotes
    13 Jun 2018

    I don't think you can get a credit card without proof of salary. If i am not wrong, it is a rule set by MAS.

    In this case, getting a debit card is your next choice. Get the debit card from the bank you have account with as you can tie the debit card to the account.

    If not, i would go for Citi Clear Card. Citi credit cards are rather popular and their dining promotions are among the better ones so this might be good for you.

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