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Asked on 27 Apr 2019

What's a good career switch if you just hate the small talk?

So my colleagues find me too quiet. But I really do not care for the small talk. I can't be bothered to partake in office politics for the umpteen times or talk about the boring Singapore weather. I would very much like my private life to remain private.

I prefer deep meaningful conversation topic but most of the topics I'm open to, are not professional/suitable in office environment. Moreover, my workplace do have a strict rule of not having conversations on certain topic.


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Don't worry, you're not alone with the small talk. But we have no idea who you are and what are the kind of skills you have. If you want to be alone, work freelance as a programmer maybe? But even so you'd need to discuss your clients requirement. Good thing though is you don't have to bump into anyone at the pantry because most likey you're at home in your pyjamas with a cup of coffee (or whatever drinks you like).

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Investor Z
Investor Z
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Answered 4w ago

Software engineering is good. You talk to machines, not people.