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What office snack would you recommend? Looking for healthy and affordable snacks to munch in office?

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    • Charmaine Ng
      Charmaine Ng, The Code Breaker at @ Every Chye Peng Stall.
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      Answered on 18 Aug 2018

      Depends on what you like. I've had colleagues who do well with carrots & celery in NZ company culture and for all others; chocolate do the trick (dark choc with at least 70% solids are healthy and good combo especially with almond). Most important thing is look at labels and don't get anything processed if you're looking for healthy snacks.

      If nuts is an option for you; simply swing by cold storage for their selection by weight (the type you can select and weigh accordingly). I find it more affordable than nuts specialty shops and those packaged version seems to always be of sugarcoated or salt laden option.

      Otherwise if cookies are your calling(mine is), try to find your neighbourhood if there are any bakeries with healthier options.

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    • Val Chia
      Val Chia
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      Answered 5d ago

      EDAMAME. You can get 2 bags of these at below 5 sgd, enough for 6 snack portions (or if like me who loves edamame, i eat half a bag at once hahaha). Its yummy, easy to prep and relatively healthy. If fresh fruits etc are difficult, try dried fruits. Do try to get the non-sweetened kind though, those have alot of sugars. For a good balance i usually buy raw nuts (sometimes with shells on, even, but you can get those that have not been baked in larger quantities at wholesale stores!) and then during the weekedns, ill throw them all into the oven to bake then mix them with some dried fruits in an airtight container. Then throughout the work week i'll pour some into a small container and snack on that at work. A good mix of vitamins and minerals just from that~ then once in awhile i'll switch it out for edamame or rice crackers.

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    Kenneth Lou
    Kenneth Lou
    327 Answers, 769 Upvotes
    19 Aug 2018

    I recently fell in love with this snack called Twiglets~!

    It's actually 80% wholewheat and there is a marmite (beer) taste to it. Let me give you an image below...

    In fact it was recommended as one of the healthiest snacks in a bag by Men's Health.

    "The best snack in a bag. Twiglets are packed with whole wheat, B vitamins and anti-inflammatory celery seed."

    It's healthy but idk if it's affordable haha. HR buys them for the company.

    Other favourites would include:

    • Almonds
    • Cashews
    • Grapes
    • Yoghurt
    • Granola

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