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Benedict Lim

Asked 3w ago

What is the best card to pay for insurance premiums currently (Jun 2020)?

Hello all, I think this is one of the most asked questions here at Seedly. In my search, the latest question was asked in 2019.

Wanted to revive this question in Jun 2020 to have a sense check of what you guys are doing for your insurance premiums.

I think there might not be any cards left that allow premium payments.


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Hi Benedict,

I highly suggest taking a look at this article, incidentally it was just updated a few days ago. There should be sufficient information for you to make a decision.


That article is complete enough that I really don't have anything else to add to my answer, so do read it.


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Tay WenHao
Tay WenHao
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Answered 3w ago

As you have mentioned, I doubt theres any rewards for direct insurance payment. 99% excluded by banks on TnC.

Few months ago, UOB One CC still have but they changed TnCs.

For now, you must go thru indirect methods to 'hack' / find loophole for rewards.

E.g. CardUp, iPayMy etc. As long as reward is higher than their 'admin fee', its worth it.

You can also try to go thru Grab Wallet if you have certain CC that still earns reward for grab topup.

  1. CC topup to Grab Wallet (CC reward for certain cards, most are excluded) e.g. AMEX TCB

  2. Grabpay Mastercard (GPMC) to pay for the insurance


GPMC to Netsflashpay card (NFP), topup thru GTM @ MRT Station then Use NFP to pay insurance thru SAM

These are just some examples. Try around and see which works. It may not work for certain companies


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