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Singapore Saving Bonds (SSB)


Asked on 09 Jul 2019

What is Singapore Savings Bonds?

Can someone explain to me in simpler term what is Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)? Im interested in investing my money but idk where to start. Thank u in advance!


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Thomas Koo
Thomas Koo
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 09 Jul 2019

Hi QP,

  • Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) are a special type of Singapore Government Securities (SGS) with features that make them suitable for individual investors.

  • Savings Bonds are fully backed by the Singapore Government, you can always get your investment amount back in full with no capital loss.

  • Investment is upto 10 years term.

  • Savings Bonds pay interest every 6 months.

  • You can redeem your Savings Bonds in any given month before the bond matures, with no penalty for exiting your investment early. $2 transaction fee by the bank for each redemption request. You will receive the amount you requested in full, along with any accrued interest, by the 2nd business day of the following month.

You will need :

  • CDP securities account

  • Apply through DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB ATMs or internet banking, or OCBC's mobile application.



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Yinghua Liu
Yinghua Liu
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 09 Jul 2019

Singapore savings bond (SSB) is a Low/no risk investment product backed by Singapore govt. You can always get back the amount invested. You can also leave your money in the SSB till maturity (10years)

To invest in SSB, you will need a CDP account and link your bank account. You can then apply for SSB through your bank account

Every month the SSB is open for application for you to invest. (For example you apply for the SSB this month, issue date will be aug 2019 and first interest payment will be credited to your bank account on Feb 2020)

Interest is given subsequently every 6 months. You can refer to the interest table as interest varies with every issuance.

Do note that there is $2 for application fee and $2 charges for early withdrawal.


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