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Ansel Ong

Asked on 20 Nov 2019

What is a good Debit Card that a 16 Year Old student can apply for?

What debit card and savings account would be good for me to save up for the future?


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Hi Ansel,

I would say probably the DBS Visa Debit. There is a 3% cash which does require you to spend a minimum of S$400 on Visa and keep your cash withdrawals to S$400 and below in the same month. If you don't spend that much then get the OCBC FRANK debit, or the UOB direct Visa debit, depending on your bank account that you have.

IMO, the real hacks come when you have access to miles cards, and that's when you turn 21. You'll have a life time to maximize your credit cards at that point. Just 5 more years to go.

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Ansel Ong

20 Nov 2019

Ok I shall try it šŸ™ƒ

You may try DBS Visa Debit Card - gives 3% cashback. It should be simple and straightforward for a start. =)

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Ansel Ong

20 Nov 2019

Ok thanks for the recommendation šŸ™‚
Pang Zhe Liang
Pang Zhe Liang

21 Nov 2019

You are welcome. Do hit the upvote šŸ‘šŸ» button if my answer helps. Cheers! šŸ˜„
Kenny Tan
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 24 Nov 2019

DBS Debit Card for sure. Gives you 3% cashback for min spending of $400 per month. However, do read their terms and conditions on the eligible spendings


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