What is a family office? Who are the ones in Singapore? How do I start a career in a family office? - Seedly






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What is a family office? Who are the ones in Singapore? How do I start a career in a family office?

Happened to heard about this, but do not have any contacts or sources to get to more of this industry.. Where can I get more info about this career path in Singapore? Thanks


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu
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Answered 2w ago

A family office is essentially a privately held company that handles investments and wealth management for ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investors.

Coming from someone who has worked in two family offices - you are right in the sense that because they tend to be private and more mysterious, there isn't that much information available online.

In terms of career path, it really depends on what you have been doing previously. Obviously, the typical skill sets that come into play for private investment roles would be applicable.

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Hi, do you mind if to share your experiences with me?
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Answered 2w ago

A family office is a private office set up to manage the wealth of the Ultra-High Net Worths (UHNWs). The investment firm can be a single-family office (which services just one family's estate) or multi-family office (a set-up which services multiple family's worth). Usually, the matters they handle can include but are not limited to: investments, asset management, trust management and tax planning.

I was hired by a family office during my second job after tertiary education (local university). It was somehow by luck as I answered an ad from the CEO for someone who was bilingual (Mandarin and English) and I was hired after demonstrating a passion for one of their investments in the entertainment industry.

6 months later, they formed a Venture Capital arm to partake in early stage investments for technology companies and my boss moved me to become an analyst on the fund. Over the years, you rise to associate and then AVP/manager and then VP/Principal, which is my current role.

The skills you would need to join a family office would depend on their mandate (or investment strategy). Do they invest in venture capital or only trades in asset classes like fixed income or publicly traded markets? Your skillset will vary based on the type of investments the family participates in.