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What insurances should my 65 years old retired parents get?

My parents have never bought any insurance in their lifetime. Couple years back, I bought the hospital insurance for them. While I am quite tight on my budget, should I be looking at other type of insurances? What will they be? Thank you in advance!

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    • Jin Shun Chia, Senior Financial Consultant at Prudential
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      Answered on 10 Sep 2018

      Hi there, it's good that you have gotten hospitalisation plan for your parents! At their age they should be enjoying retirement and living life as they please. So personally I don't think they should be getting other insurances.

      However, if they like to offset their medical bills further, accident plans in the market provide coverage for General Practitioners and TCM due to accidents (falls, sprains, etc.), food poisoning and etc. These plans cost less than $20/month.

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