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Asked 2w ago

What if my emergency exceeded my emergency fund?

Back story, I have a pet rabbit since I was in secondary school. An accident occurred to my pet rabbit and I have to use my emergency fund for the vet bill. I am a fresh graduate so I just stepped into the work force this year and hence my savings is only 6 months of my expenses. However there are some complications to my rabbit’s condition and now I have to fork out even more money for hospitalisation and further surgery and it has exceeded my funds. Please advise.


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If possible, perhaps you can consider loaning from your immediate family members to tide through this period if the sum is small.

I wouldn't recommend taking personal loans to foot the bill. It is possible for an unforeseen event to occur to yourself which can exacerbate the current predicament.

As you have touched and even depleted your emergency funds, it is best to cut down on your spendings, especially non-essentials, till you have recuperated the funds.

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