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What do I do after enrolling for driving at Comfort Delgro Driving School (Ubi)?

I just did my eyesight test, paid the registration fee and received the two Highway Code books 1 and 2. The officer was explaining alot of things to me over the counter but it was a massive information overload. So what is my next step? Should I start reading the books first or can I start booking the e-trial and internal evaluation already? Thanks! :)

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    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee, Growth Marketing Lead at Seedly

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      Answered on 19 Dec 2018

      For theory, breezing through the book is enough. Look for websites/apps that have test questions. Just do those again and again and you should be ready for BTT/FTT!

      When you begin your practical driving sessions, might be good to have a few dates in mind for the month. Pre-load the account with credits and find out the time(you can ask them) that the system refreshes for the new month. Then book those dates one shot for your lessons.

      If you wait a little too long, slots get snapped up really quickly. So it's best to book them all in advance. I'm not sure if the system used now is still the same as when I did mine years ago. But that should be a good way to ensure you clear your lessons faster.

      All the best, see you on the roads!

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    • Gabriel Lee
      Gabriel Lee

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      Answered on 19 Dec 2018

      I enrolled with BBDC but the process should be similar. As Tat Tian has shared, start booking the dates asap to secure the slots first. But of course, make sure to cross check with your schedule to ensure that you can make it for those dates otherwise it might be a hassle to change later on.

      Basic Theory Test - Final Theory Test - Practical Test

      The theory tests should be pretty easy to pass. Just read the highway code books and do some sample quizzes which can be found online for free. A few tips for the practical test/driving from my instructor

      • If the tester taps the dashboard while in the circuit, just jam and step fully on the brakes
      • Always signal and check your mirrors & blind spot(s) before moving off (Exaggerate it, literally turn your head around to check)
      • Always stop before turning even if you don't see any vehicles or pedestrians

      All the best!

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    Loh Tat Tian
    Loh Tat Tian

    Top Contributor (Dec)

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    18 Dec 2018

    Start booking ASAP all the dates. Remember to load some cash in to book the basic theory test (1st test).

    And read your Highway code 1 first (the first test).

    Once you pass the highway code 1, then you can start to take practical lesson and take the 2nd test (advanced theory test). Remember to load value, if not you will not be able to book any.

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