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Asked by Jun Wen

Asked on 14 Aug 2018

What credit cards are suitable for weddings?


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Albert Millardo
Albert Millardo
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 05 Sep 2018

My card strategy for my wedding payment:

  1. UOB One Card

Ask if your wedding venue (most hotels should be okay), if they allow you to pay monthly up to your wedding day. If yes, then you can maximize by charging the card $2k for every month and that will give you 5% rebate.

Note: UOB One Card requires 5 transactions per month to qualify for the rebate (just simply buy water at NTUC also can :p) AND please check your statement quarter as the rebate is calculated per quarter basis and missing one of the month in the quarter will disqualify the rebate.

  1. DBS Debit Visa Paywave / Contactless (Beep Beep Kaching promo)

This is good for small items that you might need for your wedding as this debit card can give you 10% rebate (promo til end of September) or 5% (normal rebate).

Note: Minimum spending of $400 and maximum $50 rebate. Only transactions below $200 will be considered for the cash rebate, so if the amount is more than $200, ask the merchant if can split into several transactions. I've tried with my bridal studio and managed to split into 6-7 transactions for $2k bill so I can maximise both me and my fiance rebates :)

  1. Amex True Cashback

For everything else. New sign up will give you 3% rebate for the first 6months with maximum of $5k. So you can utilize this til you hit $5k.

After 6 months or beyond $5k will only earn you 1.5%.

  1. HSBC Advance Card

For everything else. Spending above $2k will give you 2.5% which is 1% higher than Amex True normal rebate or StandChart Unlimited.

The cashback is capped with total spending of $2800 though. So do not spend more than that, unless you have an Advance banking relationship with them. Then it's different story.

  1. SC Unlimited Card

For everything else after you hit all the above. This card will give you 1.5% rebate, similar to Amex True Cashback. However not all merchants accept Amex. So it's good to have this just in case. No cap on the cash rebate.

  1. SC Manhattan Card

This card is actually discontinued. However if you have this card then you can use this as it will give 3% cash rebate per quarter. I forgot the mechanics to maximise it so please check it online!

Extra tips:

Sign up credit cards from third party site such as: SingSaver, BankBazaar, MoneySmart, Finty, GoBear. All these sites will normally give you extra perks such as cash gift / capita vouchers / ntuc vouchers etc on top of the welcome gift from the bank by signing up through them.

Compare the gifts given for each site and decide :).


Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou, Co-founder at Seedly
Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 05 Sep 2018

A typical Singaporean couple usually spends between $20k to $40k+ if you are getting married in Singapore and holding a wedding banquet. (not cafe style but in a full banquet setting eg hotel or renting a place like the Flyer or Gardens by the bay)

And of course, with that comes getting the best bang for buck with using the right cards :) And start planning earlier, if you are a Cashback or Miles person.

TL;DR: These are best cards we have found for you if you are keen to really maximise your rebates

  • Earning Miles: Citi Premier miles visa card (solid sign up miles also)
  • High Rebates: UOB One Card
  • Weekend Dining: CIMB Visa Signature Card
  • Redeeming Vouchers: HSBC Advance Visa Platinum
  • All In One: American Express True Cashback (flat 1.5% cashback and i think up to 3% for first $5,000 spend)

Also, you should optimise together with your other half to apply for the cards as usually these sign up bonuses are very good for certain cards. Eg. for myself, Im planning for my big day sometime in 2020. But that being said, there is a BOWS (wedding show) coming up sometime in October, and before that, we are planning to get a proper card first before attending the show as the different hotel groups will be offering very good bonus and free stuff (eg free tables or drinks) for your big day itself.

Another useful tip from a reader once:

"Wedding is one of those one-time events in life that is the best time to apply for a new credit card to offset the cost, since they usually give better cashback or perks during the initial few months. And for my case a few years ago, I negotiated with the hotel to make staggered periodical payment over the course of 1 year, in order to maximise the 3% quarterly ($200) rebate for Stan Chart Manhattan card. Combining with some of the cards mentioned above, you can easily save thousands!:

All the best mate! :) Feel free to leave a comment here below and I can help out more.