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What are the things to buy or do in Johor Bahru (JB) that are much cheaper than Singapore?

Planning to head over in coming weeks. I know contact lens are much cheaper in JB than Singapore. What else can I get or do that is cheaper there?

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    • Xinyi Lum
      Xinyi Lum
      38 Answers, 105 Upvotes
      Answered on 11 Oct 2018

      Hello~ You might want to read this!!!! It helped me a lot especially because I don't live near the causeway so if I do make a trip it had better be worth it! :-)

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    • Ck Chai
      Ck Chai
      84 Answers, 125 Upvotes
      Answered on 08 Oct 2018

      I would say, almost everything due to the exchange rate, from kitchen towels, toilet rolls, snacks, milk powder, shampoo, apparels, cafe dining, to even health supplements.

      Only thing that I'm aware is, Ferrero Rocher chocolates aren't that cheap in Malaysia, usually a box of 24pcs sells at around SGD$13.90~$15.90 but In Malaysia the price should be around RM$40+, you can get a better price when Singapore is having promotion.

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    Casey Choo
    Casey Choo
    20 Answers, 32 Upvotes
    08 Oct 2018

    With the recent appreciation fo SGD$? Everything!! Hahaha

    I'd usually head for movies or clothes shopping! Their branded jeans tend to be slightly cheaper than in SG, so now's as good a chance as any!

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