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Asked 3w ago

What are the options for a senior citizen looking for a job?

My dad is a taxi driver and his taxi is due for an early scrapping by end of this month. Given that he only has O Levels education, what is possible? Thank you all.


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Lim Qin Da
Lim Qin Da
Level 6. Master
Answered 2w ago

Hi Anon, if your dad is looking for a similar job, here are some options!

  • Continue being a Taxi driver with the same or different company

  • Private hirer (Grab)

  • Food Delivery Driver (GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo etc)

  • Supermarket Delivery Driver (Redmart, FairPrice etc)

  • Bus Captain (SBS or private)

Given that your dad already has driving experience from being a taxi driver, I think he could consider some of these jobs as they require similar skillsets. Furthermore in the current COVID-19 situation where hiring is more stringent, I would recommend that he look for a job which he can excel in.

However, if he would like to switch out of this industry, here are some Telegram channels that you could use to aid him in his job search.

Here are some Job Platforms that you could use too!

Seedly has also written an article on the various resources and platforms to aid in job search. More details here! Along the way, your dad might also want to pick up some new skills, which are easily accessible online depending on his areas of interest. My dad is also a taxi driver and I have been constantly signing him up for courses and workshops (mostly through SkillsFuture where you could tap on the SkillsFuture credits!) to upgrade his skills. Hope this helps!


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