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Singapore General Elections 2020


Asked 2w ago

What are the key highlights of PAP's manifesto? And what are your thoughts on the party's manifesto?

Let me know your thoughts!


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PAP, being PAP, the ruling party. You have to give them credits that they know what needs to be done in the long term. In other words, all the highlights in the manifesto are key.

The most informative part of the PAP's manifesto is regarding the COVID-19 because this is the current pressing issue meant to be addressed. Solving this key issue will solve most of the other issues.

As for solving economy problem, it is simply pumping money in and upskilling. I feel that more thoughts should be given in improving the lower income group and giving values to those who have no income.

Since this is Seedly, I will probably bring the attention to Financial Resilence (pg19). Instead of focusing on the government's financial resilence, the public should likewise be educated to do likewise.

The most debatable part of the party manifesto will then be the GST Hike. PAP insisted on increasing it from 7% to 9%. This will then requires opposition for alternatives. Note that 0% GST is unrealistic. It causes too much uncertainty/turbulence which we do not want. The best example will then be the Malaysia recent 0 GST.

As a student, the educational subsidy is very misunderstanding (pg13)

" Education subsidies – enhanced bursaries, scholarships, transport, meal and school fee subsidies. 100% subsidy for ITE fees and reduced fees for SIT and SUSS

full time general degrees"

What about NUS, NTU, SUTD, SMU? Also what about primary and secondary school students? The last I heard when I go back to my old school, the application for financial assistance scheme for neighbourhood school has increased tremendously since I graduated.


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Clara Ng
Clara Ng, Community Manager at Seedly
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Updated 2w ago

PAP's manifesto: Our Lives, Our Jobs, Our Future

PM Lee emphasised that unlike a normal election where the manifesto would focus on the long-term plans for Singapore, the manifesto this time focuses on how the party will work together to overcome this crisis of a generation" given the COVID-19 pandemic.

3 key focus areas include:

  • Keeping Singaporeans and migrant workers safe from COVID-19 and keeping the disease from overwhelming the healthcare system

  • Restarting and transforming the economy, to save jobs and business, and reskill workers for new jobs

  • Providing care and support to one another amid the uncertainties and dangers

What I liked about the PAP manifesto this election is that it’s COVID-19 centric. I think that it’s important to acknowledge that some long-term impacts of COVID-19 will last for a year or more and some initial longer-term plans might have to be put on hold to address these more urgent issues on-hand. If you're a voter, it will be good to look at the manifestos of the other opposition parties as well to get a better idea of what each party's plans are before casting your vote.

In the meantime, you can read PAP's full manifesto here.​​​


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