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Asked 2w ago

What are the concern and risk before invest in China stocks?

Hi, I heard a number of people mention that investing in China stocks can be very complicated. Have to know the rule and regulation very well but they didn’t explain to me in details instead of just surface reminds me. As much as I want to invest in China stocks but I know the risk as a foreigner investor to invest in China stocks.

Can anyone enlighten me by teaching me what are the things to take note before investing in China stocks listed in hk,Shanghai or us?


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For China based stocks (A Shares/H Shares) listed on HK/Shanghai stock exchange they are they have the volume which helps to pump up or push down stock prices. For mainland china market, the shares are not that easy to own so you will find it easier to invest into them via Hong Kong or US.

For me, I do it through US stock market because of my broker Firstrade having commission free trades so cost wise it was the most sustainable and logical for me. I currently own Tencent and Alibaba via Firstrade and they are listed as ADRs.

If you are not comfortable buying or selling during the US market timing, it may be more feasible for you to purchase them through the Hong Kong Stock exchange either through Tiger Brokers, POEMs or Saxo which I believe should be the cheaper brokers out there.

Hope this helps!


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2w ago

The problem is FSMone fees are extremely costly per trade so i would rather use a broker like firstrade which incurs zero fees.
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2w ago

Thanks. I will have a look at firstrade:)
Thank You!
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